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  1. Hello Marilyn, I knew you where not dead, I knew it ! Now itΒ΄s a new era of information I know, but IΒ΄m glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. How can I not follow you, you got to be kidding me. Sexy, sassy, successful, and fabulous! And I might add that from what I scanned from the post in your blog I would add the word smart into that equation.


  2. Hello, and thank you for the follow! I can see that we share similar interests. I trust you will enjoy my evolving ‘story’ as it spills on to my page πŸ™‚
    Thank you, again for stopping by.


  3. Thank you for the recent follow….I’m so excited to tell you that you are my 200th follower!! There is no prize….but its cool and I appreciate you taking time to visit my blog. I look forward to following you!


  4. Hi, I see you have some interesting things here. I never did read the book about Joan Crawford, but it ‘seems so sad. I really enjoyed the movie that Joan and Betty Davis played in, ”Whatever happened to Betty Jane.” That was Betty Davis’s best role. I have seen her in a few older movies. But coming back to Marilyn Monroe, they said she was going to tell the truth about she and John Kennedy. Well, who knows the truth? When she sang that birthday dedication, that really makes me wonder. A lot of stars today are just too phony and many don’t have any talent. It’s really a shame. The old glamour was better in some ways than today’s standards.

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  5. It doesn’t look like I’ve thanked you for stalking me, and when I get stalked, I stalk back, even when Dad takes time out to let me know No use talking back. Love your place. I am going on a trip, and before I take off I’ll be bringing you a present! See ya : )


  6. Hi, I was reading some (supposedly) interesting facts on Marilyn Monroe. Veronica Hamel bought Marilyn’s home in 1972. While renovating the house, Veronica found a system of wiretaps. The article didn’t say if anything was done about it. And check these out: Toxicology tests were only taken on Marilyn’s liver. When the coroner tried to obtain her other organs, he was told they were destroyed. Well, you probably know that Marilyn’s death was ruled a ”probable suicide.” The gown she wore while singing ”Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy was sold in 1999 for $128,000. But it didn’t sell as much as the white ”Seven Year Itch” dress that Debbie Reynolds put up for sale in 2011. It made $4.3 million. I wonder how did Debbie Reynolds get ownership. The article didn’t say.

    But there’s more. You may know that Marilyn was placed with 11 sets of foster parents after her mother was institutionalized. Marilyn went by many names including Norma Jean Mortenson which was on her birth certificate, but she was baptized Norma Jean Baker. She modeled under the names Jean Norman and Mona Monroe. Her screen name was Jean Adair. She changed her name legally to Marilyn Monroe. Authentic Brand Groups bought her estate in 2011 for around $30 million. Marilyn left 75 per cent of her estate to Lee and Paula Strasberg. But it fell to Anna Strasberg, Lee’s third wife. Many of Marilyn’s friends believed she was murdered. Suspects included Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Sam Giancana, the FBI, the CIA, and her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson. So, those are some things that I wanted to share with you. But I didn’t like the ”dumb blonde image” that Marilyn was known for. And they used her like they did so many others. Anyhow, take care. I know this is a lot of writing. Ha-ha.


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